25th Annual

Sponsorship Conference 2017

Star Center   Oct. 21st 

8:00 am Till  8:30 pm

3873 S. 66th St.

Tacoma, WA.


Interested in Helping out This Year ??

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Webmaster: Peter L.   (253) 921-1984


​Eden M. (253) 389-3883 (Chair) 

​David C. (253) 448-4203 (Workshop Chair)

Arsenio L. (253) 223-9755 (Registration  Chair) - ​Scholarship Information

Sponsorship Conference

P.O. Box 1283

Tacoma, WA. 98401

Interested in Helping out Next Year ??

Please attend the Conference Wrap-up session to comment or Volunteer to help with next years conference.

Volunteers are always Welcome !!!